Project Activities 2017-2019

Dollar Academy, Scotland, November 2017

Staff from each of the project schools who had an interest in the use of digital books attended this meeting at which sub-contracted trainers taught us how to make and use e-books and iBooks (now called Apple Books).

Paul Hopkins, from the University of Hull, led a 2 day training course on the use of Kotobee software to make digital e-books. 

Jim Shields, former head of biology and author of several iBooks, gave a presentation on the use of Creative Commons to obtain copyright-free resources.  He also led a 2 day training course on the production of iBooks for use on Apple devices. 

All of the training was task-based; each teacher worked on the production of a mini digibook, giving us the opportunity to practice the skills required to find, collate, produce , assess and use the various component elements of digibooks as well as the digibooks themselves.


Spain, IES Francisco Giner de los Rios, March 2018

IES Francisco Giner de los Rios, Spain hosted  our second meeting which was attended by teachers and students from all the partner schools.  Staff trained these students how to produce, find and use resources for digibook production. The pupils worked in international groups and each group produced a mini digibook (a diary / tourist guide) by the end of the training as well as contributing to the resource bank. Each school selected several widget types on which to focus over the coming months. Each school was tasked with producing widgets for use on the project website and video training guides showing how to produce these widgets.

Belgium, Instituut Mariawende-Blydhove

November 2018

Italy, Istituto di Istruzione Superiore ‘De Amicis’

March 2019

During this partner meeting we discussed the progress of the project, and planned the next steps to take.

3 workshops were held:

Roeland Van Rooy, a national trainer of teachers, instructed us on how to create and use a number of online tools, including google classroom.

Adam Kotobee, the CEO of Kotobee, held a webinar with the group during which he answered our questions about the use of Kotobee and showed us some useful features of this software.

Mr Bart Buckinx, manager of the BookWidgets software used to create interactive resources in our e-books, demonstrated some useful features of this product. 

Students and staff from all of the project schools trained approximately 100 pupils from IES DES AMICIS  in the production and use of their specific widgets using the training videos and resource bank. The students worked in mixed international groups for all the activities.

The students from the project schools learned how to make either an i-book or a Kotobee e-book over the following two days. They incorporated their training videos and widgets into these digibooks, which where guides on the production of widgets and on their use in digibooks. These two digibooks are final products of this project, which will be available for public use on the project website.


Croatia, V. gimnazija, May 2019


Teachers uploaded their products to different folders on the project Google drive. An assessment of the resources was carried out and additional resources were produced and uploaded to the drive.

The project website was developed and published as the major final product of this project. Many resources were uploaded to the website at this meeting, with more to be uploaded over the coming weeks.

All the teachers cooperated to provide information for use in the final report, summarizing their schools'  activities including training of pupils and staff, resources produced and dissemination activities.  Plans were made for ongoing activities with a focus on dissemination.