Erasmus+ 2017 KA219

Strategic Partnerships for Schools Only 
Project Reference Number: 2017-1-UK01-KA219-036668    
The Production and Use of digiBooks for Learning in School and at Home    




The aims of the project were to use an innovative and pupil-centred pedagogical approach to improve pupil attainment and motivation, and to improve staff and pupils'  digital and learning skills by producing and using digibooks for teaching and learning purposes.   We also aimed to evaluate properly the feasibility of using of digibooks to complement the use of  printed textbooks and to develop and integrate their use  into the schools' curricula, supporting digital inclusion.  We trained teachers and pupils within the project schools as well as staff from other schools and produced resources which are accessible for use by all.  The transnational nature of this project allowed us to develop a resource bank for use by teachers and pupils internationally, with an input from different syllabi and schools with different skills and pedagogies. 


The objectives were to:

  • explore the various types of digital books (ebooks and iBooks) and associated software and to investigate their transferability (e.g. the use  of iBooks on Windows systems) 

  • provide access for a large number of pupils and teachers to digibooks and to resources for creating and personalising their own digibooks

  • develop a website containing these resources for use in schools

  • trial the resource bank in the various partner schools

  • to make the outputs available to other schools and teachers in a variety of forms

  • run a dissemination event consisting of workshops to which teachers from other schools in the region are invited and, possibly, a webinar.